Property Insurance

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Property Insurance

Whether it’s your own home or a house that you rent to tenants, your property is probably the most valuable asset that you will ever own.
Protecting your property against damage is vital to ensure that you’re covered should your property be affected by fire, theft, flood, or unforeseen circumstances.
The team at Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurances knows how important getting a good price for your property insurance is, which is why we work with over 20 insurance providers to get you the best-priced quote possible. Our policies cover your building, your building’s contents, and many other aspects of homeownership that could put you at risk. Why not call us today for a free quote?

Home Insurance

We have a range of home insurance options to cover your property should anything unforeseen happen, including:

  • Buildings and Contents Insurance
    This covers your property and the items that belong to you. This is the most comprehensive cover for your home and all the things you own.

  • Building Only Insurance
    This covers your whole property including any sheds, garages or outhouses you may own. It also includes insurance cover for any fixtures, units and fittings in your home but does not cover your personal belongings.

  • Contents Only Insurance
    This insurance does not cover your building or its fixtures, but does cover your personal belongings should they be damaged in a fire or stolen. This is the perfect cove for those living in a rented property.

Landlord’s Property Insurance

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and your tenants from anything untoward or unforeseen that could damage your property. Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurances offers a range of insurance policies suitable for landlords, including:

  • Building Only Insurance
    This will protect your building in case of a fire, leak, flood for example. This cover will also insure your property’s fixtures, including lighting fixtures, kitchen units, bathroom fittings, and built in wardrobes.

  • New/Unoccupied Property Insurance
    If you own a brand new or unoccupied property, you may find that many insurers will refuse to quote you on insurance due to the risks involved. The team at Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurances can work with you to find a well-priced and honest insurance quote to cover you in this instance.

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Property Insurance FAQ

  • Is it illegal to not have home insurance?

    No, you are not legally obliged to take out home insurance, but it is a good idea to have it, to protect your home and its contents. Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurances offers competitive rates on all home and property insurance policies.

  • Do I have to own my home in order to insure it?

    No, you don’t have to own a house in order to rent it. Tenants living in a rented home can insure the contents of their rented property to protect themselves against damage.

  • Will my property insurance policy go up if I make a claim?

    If you make a claim, your property insurance policy will usually rise in price. Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurances offers competitively prices property insurance policies and can advise you on claims processes.